Friday, January 14, 2011

Preschool Christmas program (in January)

Ella's Christmas program at preschool was supposed to be the week before Christmas, but ended up being cancelled due to snow. She was so disappointed! The kiddos had worked so hard and they all kept asking when they were going to get to have their program, so the teachers decided to reschedule for yesterday. It was so cute! You just never know what they're going to do or say at this age! They started the program laying on their bellies and jumped up at the beginning of the first song. One little boy just decided to stay that way most of the show. Another little boy stood up there with his finger in his nose the whole time. Evie, the little girl next to Ella, kept (loudly) whispering to her mom, asking when she could have a mini-muffin (there were refreshments after the show). They were all so adorable. We were laughing so hard! I wish I had gotten the songs on video, but I couldn't remember how to switch my camera to that mode. Bummer. Ella is fourth from the right (including the little boy laying on the floor =)...
It was so funny. I think they are supposed to be running in place, but most of them are doing different motions here.
Ella was having such a great time up there. She was definitely one of the loudest singers. =) I love her face in this picture.

Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake for Baby Jesus...
Our little star posing for a picture with her brother. Cade was so good sitting next to me the whole time. He kept pointing up at the stage, saying, "Hey, Ma, it's Ella!"
Ella and her best buddy, Mia
We hung around to enjoy some cookies and cake with all her friends. Can you guess which little boy Ella wanted to sit by?! Look at her twirling her hair. haha! She's a mess!

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