Thursday, January 6, 2011

First time sledding

The kiddos got to go sledding at Mom and Dad's on Monday. Last year, Ella was too scared to go down the big hill on the sled. This year was an entirely different story. She couldn't wait! I wish I had videotaped her. She just squealed and giggled the whole way. It was so much fun watching them!
Ella and Lexi ready to head down.
These are the same sleds we had when we were younger, and Pappaw commented more than once how watching these three brought back so many memories of watching Jason, Chad, and I out in the snow. Ella and Carson taking a turn together...
Lots of laughing and squealing here!
The worst part is the tredge back up the hill. Ella would take off running up, leaving poor Carson to drag the sled back up by himself. We straightened that out pretty quickly!
Snow bunnies and buddies...
I didn't get any pictures once Pappaw hopped on the sleds to join them. That was when it got really fun! haha! I have so many good memories sledding down that hill!

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