Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cade update & our weekend

Cade is doing great after having tubes placed on Friday. We couldn't be happier. He came through the whole process so well. After being told we would be at the hospital about four hours, we ended up being discharged in a little over two. Cade was so brave the whole time, laughing and answering all their questions like such a big boy. He only cried at the last minute when they started to put him to sleep. For the rest of the day on Friday, he was pretty emotional and not quite himself, but he was up bright and early on Saturday and back to normal. The doctor told us it would be like taking his earmuffs off and we would probably see some immediate differences. It's amazing the changes Chris and I have noticed already. He's talking in more complete sentences. He has complained to us about things like the radio and vacuum being too loud. He doesn't seem to get frustrated quite so easily. He constantly brings us books and will sit and listen to one after the other, whereas before, we couldn't get him to sit still to listen to one. It's all so exciting!!
This lucky little boy got visits from all his grandparents this weekend. My mom and dad came up Thursday night to help out with the girls and take Ella to school on Friday. They decided to stick around Friday night, too, and stay home with me and the kids on Saturday while Chris went to work. We headed to dinner and the mall Saturday night and were surprised by Mamaw and Papaw there! Awesome! We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and they spent Saturday night and Sunday with us. It was such a fun, relaxing weekend, and we're pretty sure our kiddos have the greatest grandparents in the world!
Cade is such a boy's boy! He loves hanging out with both his papaws. I love this.
Ella got her first 300 piece puzzle and she and Pap worked on it all Saturday morning. Nice work! Harper got spoiled by Grammy... I got spoiled by Grammy, too. She was kind enough to alter my bridesmaid dress for me, and I appreciate it so much! Ella was so interested in what Grammy was doing. She sat next to her for hours, asking questions and chit-chatting. I used to do the same thing when I was little, and it was super sweet to watch.

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The Utley Crew said...

Okay, the picture of your Mom and Ella got me...majorly teared up! So sweet!! :) We are so blessed with wonderful Moms (and Dads and in-laws) that our kids are getting to enjoy now! Alright, I need to stop before I am sobbing! ha! I am so glad Cade is back to himself and doing so well with the tubes!