Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our two month old

Harper Noelle is two months old! These precious first weeks sure do fly by, don't they? We are so proud of our baby girl. Harper is the absolute. sweetest. thing. ever! She's starting to coo and those little sounds melt my heart. She has been on the verge of laughter a few times, too, and I so look forward to that first real belly laugh! There is already a noticeable difference between her temperament and that of our other two. She is so laidback and content to sit in her chair or carseat, be held, be alone, be played with, be picked on- it doesn't even matter. She just goes with the flow, as crazy as it is sometimes. She cries and fusses so little that Ella and Cade get very worried when she does. =) We could not ask for a happier, more pleasant baby! She takes tummy time pretty much like everything else- she just goes with it until someone decides to flip her back over. She's getting so good at holding that little head up! Harper loves time with Daddy. She's a cuddlebug for sure! She and Ella are pretty big pals. Harper gets excited when Ella talks to her, like she knows she's about to hear or see something entertaining. Ella enjoys holding, dressing, and feeding her, just taking care of her in general. She is also very concerned about keeping Harper healthy. Ella is always reminding Cade to be gentle with her and to wash his hands before touching her. She's a good, little mommy. Cade wants to play with Harper all the time. He thinks it's so fun when we sing and pat-a-cake her hands or dance with her. He has a hard time walking by her without kissing her cheeks or rubbing her head. If she fusses, he runs to her first and says, "Don't cry, Hah-per. It's okay!" then he runs to me and says, "Mommy, baby's twying (crying)!" I love that he already feels protective of her. Love those big, brown eyes! Happy girl! And for my part, I'm counting the days until I have to go back to work (only ten left! {tear}), but physically, I'm feeling pretty good these days. It's all the sleep I'm getting- seriously! On most days, Harper nurses and goes down around 9:30- 10 pm, wakes up around 5 am to nurse, then goes back to sleep until 8- 8:30 am. In the past, I was never very good about sticking to any specific baby training methods. Ella and Cade were awful sleepers though, and I was determined to do everything on my part to try to make a difference this time around. After talking to some moms who swear by it, I was planning to try 12 hour sleep training with Harper. The little sweetheart made it easy on me though- she did it all on her own! Such a smart, little girl for only two months old!! =)
*For the record, Harper is 12 lbs 9 oz and 23 inches long this month.

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