Thursday, September 1, 2011

First days of kindergarten

Kindergarten is off to a great start! Ella is having a blast and she comes home each day just so excited to go back the next. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes us! She was up bright and early on Day #1. I usually call her "Pokey Puppy", because she is normally so slow about getting ready to go anywhere. However, on the first day of school, she was dressed and ready in record time! I was amazed. She looked so sweet and BIG standing there ready to head off to kindergarten. She just couldn't grin big enough! And I did pretty well, too! Standing there taking pictures almost got me, but I pulled it together. =) I didn't really lose it until she kissed me goodbye, jumped out of the truck, and took off running into the building (Yes, we drop them off at the door and have to stay in the car. The whole no busing/ transportation/ drop your kids at the door issue is a complete post in and of itself!). She ran in and didn't even look back. I was happy that she was that confident and excited, but Geez! She could have at least acted like she would miss me! ha! When I picked her up that afternoon, she couldn't talk fast enough. This is what she told me about Day 1-

-She got to hold Pipsqueak, the class hamster. That was her favorite part of the day.
-She made one friend, Fiana. She has red hair.
-Mrs. Lakanen is soo nice and really funny.
-She saw a little girl with a purple backpack with hearts and puppies on it. She doesn't know her name, but she really wishes she had a backpack like that. Maybe she'll find out where she got it tomorrow.
-She got to play on the playground.
-She went to the bathroom twice. The thing to flush the toilet was up really high. The first time she went, she flushed the toilet with her foot. The second time, she forgot and used her hand.
-Mrs. Lakanen read a book about a bird who drove a bus. They had to turn on their ears like this, "Click!"
This is a picture about her first day. On the left is Pipsqueak and she loves him. Day #2 About Day 2-

-She was glad she didn't wear her flipflops, because not one single person had on flipflops.
-She made two new friends today. One was a little boy named Graham. The other was a little girl named Abby. She's the one with the purple backpack. She got it at Target, but she got the last one.
-She worked in the art center today and made a special card for me.
-She didn't get to play on the playground, because it was too rainy.
-They talked about rules today, like don't pinch, don't hit, don't be mean. One little boy got in trouble, because he wouldn't stop talking.

Day #3 About Day 3-

-She got to paint. She didn't get to bring her picture home today, but will tomorrow.
-Mrs. Lakanen read a book about goggles, and it was so funny. This boy had goggles and some mean people were trying to trick him to get the goggles, but they couldn't do it.
-She didn't make any new friends today. She has just her three and that's fine.
-Today is the first day of September, and she has been in school for three days already. When she has been in school for one hundred days, something will happen. She's not sure what, but it will be special.

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The Utley Crew said...

SO cute! She looks JUST like you in those pics of the first day! :) I am so glad she loves it! Drop at the door!?!?! I would have been a mess, too! ha!