Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random fun pics

As I was going through pictures on our camera, I found all kinds of fun ones that had never been posted, so here they are in this random post. Near the end of summer, Chris and I took the kids to the Butler County Fair. We rode rides, ate fair food, and did a lot of people watching. One thing we learned- the fair and carnies are the same no matter where you live. haha! Ella and Cade on an airplane ride... They both were so excited after coming down the huge wave slide. This is probably one of my fave pics of the summer. Ella loved her some cotton candy! The day before school started, we took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a Monday, so there was hardly anyone else there, plus it was a beautiful day for it. We had a blast!We watched the elephants for a long time. Ella and Cade couldn't believe how big they were. Ella got to pet a skink. Cade was too chicken. =) We also loved watching the gorillas. They were huge!! See the zebra through the trees? Ella wanted one in front of it and this was the best we could get. The manatees were amazing! We had a lot of fun that day. Ella couldn't believe that some people actually have jobs at the zoo and get to be with the animals all the time. Possible future summer job for our little animal lover? =) A few days ago, we headed up to Voice of America Park and spent our afternoon walking around the lake. Ella and Cade wore themselves out on their scooters. Daddy took a ride while Cade did some running. =) Then Cade got a ride. Tough life! ha! Love this one. Taking a break to watch the fish jump...
I've so enjoyed all our outdoor days this summer, but I'm loving these fall temps and looking forward to all the fun this new season brings!

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