Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall days at Gram's

My parents were having family over for the weekend, and since I ended up with a couple nights off work and was feeling brave, I decided to throw the kids in the car and set off for Palmyra on a solo trip (Chris had to stay behind to work- boo!). Between traffic, an unhappy baby, and two (!) trips into gas station restrooms with three kiddos (insert two near heart attacks for Mommy here!), our 2 1/2 hour trip ended up being a 4 1/2 hour trip, but we did manage to make it before dark, all in one piece, and still have smiles on our faces- success! However, I do have to admit I have never been so happy to pull into Mom and Dad's driveway in my life! haha! Ella couldn't wait to say hi to Bandit. Lexi and Carson came over to spend the night, too. On Saturday morning, there was no keeping these four inside on such a beautiful day! They were bundled up and out to play in no time. Pap and Carson walking through the leaves- love this picture! Grammy and Pap's neighbor, Mike, offered to let the kids ride Duke. They were more than excited!!Lexi was brave and went first. She's ridden before and did great. Ella was next and was all smiles and giggles. There was nothing but pure delight on her face when she got up there.Mike let her stay up there for a reaallly long time and she loved every second. I'm pretty sure we will be hearing about riding Duke for many months to come. =) Cade was next. I was planning to ride with him, but he surprised all of us when he jumped up there all by himself. What a big boy!! He came running to me afterwards, saying, "I did it!" He was so proud of himself! Uncle Tim stopped by for a visit. It was really fun to see him. Dad and his brothers are peas in a pod. Look at them- they are dressed alike, sitting alike, and they talk alike. We were cracking up!Chad and April got there next, and we got to meet Baby Ty!! He is such a little sweetheart and so tiny!Baby Ty and Aunt Sissy Harper hung out with her bald head buddy, Jeffro. Up next- a hayride!! Happy boy! Jared and Lex Aidan, Owen, Carson, and Cade. They were laughing and being silly and just having fun. It was neat to watch this next generation of little boys together.Ella, Laila, and I sat together and chitchatted. Loved this special time with my niece and my big girl!My dad was in HEAVEN! He was on a tractor, driving his grandkids around- I don't think he could have been any happier! After the hayride, Cade enjoyed some time with Aunt April, his "special girl". =) Grammy and Pap holding their newest grandbabies.We roasted hot dogs, ate loads of chili, and made smores. I don't think Ella and Cade had ever had smores and they loved them! Silly boys! Cade loved rolling and playing in that hay! At bathtime that night, I found hay in every nook and cranny on him! It was sound evidence of a fun day outside!! I had to work Sunday, so Harper and I got up that morning and headed home, while Ella and Cade got to stay behind. Ella had a couple teacher inservice days this week, and Gram and Pap wanted to keep them for a couple more days. I'm sure they're having a blast and no doubt being spoiled rotten!

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