Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or treat!

The energy level was off the charts around here on Halloween. Ella and Cade were sooo excited to eat candy, play, eat candy, go trick-or-treating, eat more candy... you get the idea. =) Cade must have asked me every hour, "Mom, is it Halloween?" and every time I answered yes, he would throw his hands over his head, yelling, "Yaaaayyy!"
They opened Halloween treat bags from Gram that afternoon. Their giggles were contagious. Yes! More candy!! Both Ella and Cade wanted to wear their costumes from last year- Supergirl and Superboy. Who were we to argue? You can't really tell in this picture, but they were both most excited about the gold glitter spray we sprayed on their hair. Seriously, what was I thinking?! That stuff went everywhere!! All in the name of fun, I guess! Harper was a sweet, little Ladybug in the same costume Ella wore on her first Halloween. Love these kiddos soo much!! You call this cute, Mom?! haha!! A picture with Momma... And one with Daddy... And we're off! Our first stop-

Love the smiles on those faces! Didn't take too much in Cade's bucket before he started saying, "Bucket's heaby!" Chris offered to carry it for him, but (of course!), "No! I do it!" Hot on the candy trail... We spotted some look-a-likes and stopped for a picture. I really wish Chris had been wearing that man's costume (and his wife offered to give it to us right there)! haha! It was so cold! Ella and Cade insisted they were fine though, so we pressed on. =) Our ladybug stayed warm cuddling with Daddy. Cade ended up being one or two steps behind Ella the whole time. I think that was actually his strategy though- he wanted her to check out the spooky houses first. "Momma, see? Cookies!!" We ran into Ella's friend, Julia, and her big sister, Kara, at the end of the night. We finally headed home to pass out candy, check out our loot, and warm up with some potato soup. Yum! Ella made out like a bandit. She got plenty of Crunch and cookies & cream bars- her favorites. Cade didn't do too bad either. He got lots of his favorites, too- Laffy Taffy and Starburst. We had to scrub that hair (and brush those teeth) like crazy that night! And, well, we knew it would happen, but candy+ candy+ candy all day long= two little kiddos having a hard time falling asleep and giggling late into the night! Happy Halloween!!

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