Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ella's timeline

Ella was given a project at school to brainstorm and come up with a list of memorable moments in her life. She then had to choose 6-8 of the most important, find a picture to represent that moment, and create a timeline of her five years. She's worked hard on it for several days, and finished it up over the weekend. She will have to present it to her classmates next week, so last night she practiced in front of us. We had a lot of fun seeing our little gal in such a big girl role. She did a great job and was so, so proud of her work! 1st important moment- Ella's first trip to church 2nd moment- her first Christmas. Look under the photo- I love how she sounded out the word "stokeeng". =) 3rd moment- her first birthday 4th moment- We "moovd" to Ohio 5th moment- the birth of Cade 6th moment- Disneyworld vacation and meeting Mickey and Minnie. She told me this was the very best day of her life (sorry, Cade! haha!). 7th moment- the birth of Harper 8th moment- first day of kindergarten I enjoyed working on this with her and hearing what stood out as memorable in her mind. As we were brainstorming, she mentioned all kind of little things in addition to the bigger things. She said some of her favorite times were going to The Cone, having family dates, playing Memory, coloring with Mommy, wrestling with Daddy. It was neat to get that affirmation that we don't always have to do big things to create a lot happy memories for our kiddos. =)

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