Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scary pumpkin

We carved our pumpkin Sunday night. We had originally planned to pick up another one and carve one for Ella and one for Cade, but would you believe Kroger was out of pumpkins over the weekend? How dare they not cater to our habit of procrastination?! ha! Luckily, Ella and Cade were able to come to a quick agreement for our one pumpkin- a scary bat-cat.
Daddy cut off the top and... Hahaha!! LOVE this!! Do you want to touch it, Buddy? Cade said, "Ewww! No way, Daddy!" Scary face! Ella was all about diving straight in this year. Gooey pumpkin guts! Cade finally decided to give it a go. Watching as Daddy drew the bat-cat... Ella worked hard to help Daddy carve... Cade took a turn. Look at that concentration! And the finished product- our spooky bat-cat!! Ahhhooooooo...

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