Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First cereal

Harper tried her first cereal last night. She's been watching us eat for a few weeks now- you know, turning that head to follow every single bite- makes me feel guilty!! Anyways, we started Ella later and Cade earlier, and knew it was probably fine, but wanted to get the go-ahead from the doc. When I took her for her four month check up yesterday, he said go for it, so Ella and I stopped and bought some on the way home. Harper was excited!!! First bite came right back out... ... but then we started getting some grins. Not sure if it was the cereal or all the attention, but she was happy and those little legs were just kicking away! We think she liked it. Hard to believe Harper is already old enough to start solids. She is growing so fast! {tear} Of course, this is Mommy talking, but she gets prettier and sweeter by the day. She is so squeezy and cuddly and I absolutely can't get enough of those rosy cheeks! This is such a fun and lovable age. Harper loves to nurse, sing songs and play pat-a-cake. She is starting to "talk", blow bubbles, and is still an amazing sleeper- she even slept 11 hours straight after her cereal last night! Her check up was routine, which is great in my book. Her 4 1/2 month stats: 15 lbs 6 oz (74%), 26 inches (91%), and off the charts for cuteness. =) Love you so much, Harper Girl!!

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