Friday, April 6, 2012

Cade's tractor party

We celebrated Cade's birthday with family on Saturday night. One of Cade's most favorite things to do is ride Pap's tractor, so no surprise that he wanted a tractor party. I laughed as I went through these pictures, because there are hardly any of the birthday boy. He was napping when everyone first got here, then he was way too busy playing to pose for any pictures for Mommy!
Gram, Ty, Mamaw, and Harper
Ella and Payton snuck a ride on the blue jeep
Lil' party animal
Chris and his sweet grandma
What in the world? Someone put a brand new bike in our kitchen! Thanks, Papaw & Mamaw!
"Oh, tool!" A Cars couch just Cade's size!
Payton and Ella were more than eager to help with the presents.
Happy boy
Tractor pinata time! Cade was up first.
Laila's turn
Then Ella gave it a whack.
Harper snuggled with Aunt Kellie
Payton busted it open and Cade beat on it a few more times.
Nice work, tough guy!
Time for tractor cake. As if we needed any more sugar! Look at those cheeks stuffed with candy!!
Happy birthday to Cade! I love that he always joins in and sings to himself!
The night ended with snuggles on the new couch and lots of silliness with cousins.
Thanks to everyone for coming and making it so special for the birthday boy!!

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