Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Cone 2012

We have been waiting all winter for The Cone to open back up for the season and it finally did!! Ella and Cade had worked hard all week at being kind and helpful, so we could go over the weekend. Plus they had gone through their Easter eggs and gathered up all the money inside. Together they had over $7 to use on the rides and games! It was a little chilly, but we didn't care- we were excited!!
What Ella has been waiting for all winter- strawberry twist with rainbow sprinkles. Yum!
No way was Harper going to let these kiddos eat their ice cream without giving her a bite!
They rode a few rides, but mostly wanted to play the arcade games. Ella got stuck on the claw game, and, even though I've never seen anyone win that game, there's no way you can explain that to a five year old. She just kept going back for one more quarter, then one more, then one more until she was completely out of money! It was pure entertainment and Chris and I just sat back and watched. I felt like I was watching someone with compulsion disorder, but Chris said she's just determined. Either way, don't let the girl near a casino! ha!

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