Thursday, April 19, 2012

Harper at 9 months

Harper Noelle, you are pure joy!

Some things I want to remember about you at 9 months:

* You wake up smiling, go to bed smiling, and stay that way the whole time in between! If you get upset, it's usually so short-lived and you're back to your happy self in no time.
* When I get you out of bed in the mornings, you cuddle your head into my neck and give me sugar- there could not be a better way to start my day!
* You say Dada and Ewwa (and Mama's coming soon, I just know it! =)
* You wave bye-bye
* You enjoy sucking on your toes
* You are full of stories and make sure your voice is heard right along with Ella and Cade's

* You are sitting up and rocking back and forth on your knees. No crawling yet, but I promise I'm okay with that! You can get anywhere you want to go by rolling- and you can roll really fast!
* You hold a phone to your ear and say, "Wo?"
* You sometimes "sing" along in church and I usually melt right then and there
* You love to sit and roll the ball back and forth.

* Bath time is a special time with Daddy. You squeal and splash and love to put your hands in running water.
* You are entertained by Ella and Cade. You giggle almost immediately when you look at Ella- she's full of funny noises and faces. You tolerate Cade's rough hugs and kisses to a certain point and are not afraid to fuss at him when you've had enough.
* If you're getting your diaper changed and can reach a blanket, you usually start to play peekaboo. You just cackle when we play along.
* You are bashful around people you don't know and shy away by laying your head on my shoulder.
* You think riding in a cart at a store is the best thing ever. You hold on so tight with both hands. You just sit and grin, then cry when I take you out.
* You weigh 22 1/2 lbs and are 29 inches tall. You have grown by 2 lbs and 2 inches in the last 2 months! Mommy loves the rolls on your thighs!! You wear mostly 12 month clothes- though they don't always cover your belly!
* You take four bottles and eat three meals a day. I can't really say what your favorite foods are, because you gobble down everything we give you! You have started to sit in your booster chair and join us at the dinner table. You LOVE getting bites of table food.
* You still have just two teeth on the bottom, but your gums are swollen on top. And even though you are teething, you hardly ever get cranky. Such a sweet, sweet girl!
I love seeing the world through your sparkly eyes and thank God every day that I get to be your mommy!!

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