Monday, April 16, 2012


Cade had his first experience with ribs last night. Boy, did he love them! He was enjoying himself so much that I snapped a few pictures. He was so fun to watch! The remnants on his face pretty much tell the story. haha!
We also had a conversation with Ella at dinner that we had kind of avoided on numerous prior occasions. She's a good eater, but she can get grossed out about things. Whenever she would ask us where roast beef or bacon or some other meat came from, we would kind of just say, "Oh, we got it at the grocery store," or something like that. We didn't think our little animal lover would eat meat again if she knew what she was eating. So, last night as Ella was eating her steak and ribs, she asked, "Where do ribs come from?" We looked at each other and said, "From a pig." Then she said, "Where does steak come from?" We said, "From a cow."
She said, "What, do they just shoot it and kill it and make it into meat?"
"Yes, something like that."
Chris and I sat there holding our breath, wondering what her reaction was going to be. Then Ella, ever the one for practicality, said, "Well, why do they make it all confusing and stuff? Why don't we just say we're eating cow and pig?" Then, without missing a beat, she handed her plate to Chris and said, "May I have some more cow, please?" Well, OK!

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