Friday, April 6, 2012

Our little man turns 3!

Cade also celebrated a birthday last week- he turned 3!! He had been looking forward to his birthday for sooo long. For about two weeks leading up to his birthday, he woke up every morning and said, "Hey, Mom, my birthday's coming up!" He was counting down the days! When he woke up on his birthday, he told me he was bigger all over, "even my hair is bigger!" haha! We met Daddy that morning for a special birthday donut and spent most of the day outside enjoying the sunshine.
Cade opened his presents that evening. He was EXCITED!! All he had talked about for weeks was a blue jeep he had seen at the toy store. Every time anyone would ask what he wanted for his birthday, he would say, "Just a bu jeep, peez."
Such a good and informative big sister. =)
A gumball machine and an angry birds t-shirt!
After he opened those two things, Chris said, "Okay, happy birthday, Buddy! Hope you got everything you wanted." Cade was quiet and nodded. You could tell he was just wondering about that "bu jeep"! We decided to go outside and play. Ella put up the garage door and [insert squeals] "Mom! Mom! See?!!" A blue jeep!!
The birthday boy was more than happy to drive Miss Daisy around all night. ha!
Time for birthday dessert. On the menu- ice cream sundaes!
Happy birthday, Cade Marion!! May you always know how much you are loved!

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Granny G said...

Happy Birthday Cade! I cannot believe it has been over 3 years since I started reading your blog. Wow!
Marcia Gettelfinger (Alicia's Mom)