Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Christmas. Between traveling and working, these last couple weeks have been kind of crazy, and it's been driving me nuts knowing my blog is so out of date!! We've got so many great holiday pictures and I'm hoping to get around to updating it a little at a time.

Anyways, we had a wonderful Christmas and tried to fill our time with family as much as humanly possible. We had planned to have a quiet Christmas Eve at home, just the three of us, because we figured it would be too much to travel, get back for Christmas morning at our house, and then head off to work. At the last minute, we decided we didn't care if we were driving at midnight and going to work tired, because we wanted Christmas Eve to be spent with family! So, we packed up and headed to Mark and Cheryl's to spend the evening with the Davidson's and Martin's. We had such a fabulous time, filled with great food and good company. It meant so much to have the whole family back together this year.

Mark and both his boys... There's a lot of love in this family...Opening gifts before going to Great-Grandma's... What could it be, Ella?
Yea!! How did they know?! It's the fun v-tech globe Ella has been eyeing up in the store...And a new nurse kit from Uncle Kyle!!She knows exactly what to do- "Come here, Papaw- I need to listen to your heart!"
I think Mamaw was pretty thrilled with her gift from Ella... And anything Dallas Cowboys will always make Papaw happy!
More presents at Great-Grandma's- a new princess table from Uncle Dave and Aunt Pam!
And what a fun floor puzzle from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa... Kelsey and Lindsey with beautiful smiles for the camera...
Playing with the Christmas tree ornaments...
The Davidson family (minus Payton- we missed having him there so much!)... Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids...
Helping Mammaw scratch off her lottery ticket... Ella won two dollars!! Brent proudly displaying his "prize" for having the most correct answers to "The Christmas Story" quiz- the leg lamp!! How awesome is that?!! We are so glad we decided to make the trip- it was worth every minute! And we ended up coming home with a truck full of gifts we didn't expect. Thank you so much to everyone for spoiling and loving us like you do!!

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