Sunday, January 4, 2009

A very merry Christmas morning

After getting home so late on Christmas Eve (or early on Christmas day rather), we tried to sleep in a little on Christmas morning. Chris and I were both up by about 9 am, but our little rascal, who normally is such an early bird, was still sleeping at 11 am! We ended up waking her up. We were like, seriously, Ella, it's Christmas!! :) I guess she was trying to give us a pretty nice Christmas gift, but we were just too excited to wait any longer!

Merry Christmas, Sleepyhead!! She came down the stairs saying, "Merry Frismas, Mommy! Today's Frismas!"
Our ever-thoughtful and reserved child when she saw the Christmas tree and presents... I think she thought Santa was still there and she in no way wanted to run into him at her house. :)
Wow!! A new kitchen just for Ella!!
Beginning to warm up to the idea...
This is really neat (and Santa is nowhere to be found!) :)
Sharing a Christmas cheeseburger with Daddy...
Opening her stocking...
Helping Daddy open his...
A new baby doll!! What a sweetie! Isn't she going to make such a great big sister?
Maybe the baby wants a cheeseburger, too!
After playing with her kitchen and opening her doll, Ella pretty much decided she was finished with gifts- "No, Mommy, I no open any more!" After a little time, we finally convinced her to open just one more. The only thing Ella had actually asked Santa for was a guitar. Well, she didn't ask him really, more like yelled it out the car window as we drove by Santas out in people's yards- "Hey, Santa, Ella wants a bi-tar for Frismas! And a piano, 'kay?!"
"Watch me play this, Mommy, and dance!" :)
And no Christmas morning would be complete without our rockstar diva throwing a temper tantrum... :)
Chris and I got spoiled, too. I'm pretty sure Ella spent her whole piggy bank on my new Coach purse... I absolutely love it!!
Ella decided she was done with all this celebrating and just wanted to relax. We couldn't get her to open any more presents then and haven't been able to since. I'll probably end up taking what's left under the tree and saving them for her birthday in May!! Next year we'll know that two or three gifts is more than enough!
It was such a fun time and, more than anything, we loved seeing Ella enjoy herself so much. It was wonderful to think about next Christmas, too, knowing that another little blessing will be around to take part in the fun. How truly lucky we are!!

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