Monday, January 5, 2009

More Christmas...

More Christmas pictures!! We celebrated with my side of the family a few days after Christmas, which is kind of nice because it gives you something to look forward to when Christmas day is over.
Lexi and Ella couldn't wait to start the party!
Jared and Katie
Carson found his buddy. Seriously, if Pappaw is around, Carson wants nothing to do with anyone else- unless you have food. haha!How about some Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Aunt April? Watching as Grammy opened her pajamas from Ella. She was so proud and excited to give them to her!
All wrapped up in a new Dora blanket from her canine cousins. Thanks, Cassius and Ami!
And she finally got her piano! Yea!! Thanks, Grammy and Pappaw!
Ella and Carson dancing in the midst of chaos.
The clock Jared had been anticipating for months now... Chris just so happened to walk into the right store and found it!
The biggest smiles of the day...
All the boys got antique sniper rifles from Dad... well, Jared can't have his for a few more years... when he grows up :)
Jason and Carla hard at work on our traditional Italian feast...
The end of a busy day. The kiddos were ready to hit the sack- Ella and Lexi anyways. I'm pretty sure Carson is going after the candy dish! :)
We always have such a great time hanging out with family. We just wish it could happen more often. We ended up getting spoiled again. Thanks, Everyone, for all our awesome gifts! We love you all!!

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