Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Look, Mommy! Presents!!"

As I was taking the Christmas tree down this morning, Ella all of a sudden realized there were more presents under there! It was as if she had no recollection of all the times since Christmas that Chris and I had asked her if she wanted to open the rest of her Christmas gifts and she always said, "No! I no want anymore!" Well, today she was thrilled to open them and they provided entertainment all morning long. What a silly and funny little girl!!
"Look, Mommy! Presents!"
"Oh, Boy! More puzzles!"
Dress up gear that she LOVED! She couldn't wait to put it on and wore it around all day. She was especially proud of her "clappy shoes". :)
Too cute! Even princesses have to go potty!
She finally agreed to take the skirt off after she had peed on it a couple times :), but she promptly ran to the sink so we could wash it and "put it back on when Daddy comes home!" hahaha!! She is such a little sweetie!


The Utz Family said...

Too Cute! Hannah got the same dress up set for christmas! She also loves her "clappy shoes"!

The Utley Crew said... are it, see my blog for details! Love ya!