Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funny Ella

Conversation between me and Ella the other night at bedtime:
Ella: Mommy, you still have your ponytail in. You need to take that out before you go to bed.
Me: Don't worry, I will.
Ella: Wait, Mommy, your earrings are still in. You were supposed to take those out before bed!
Me: Okay, Ella, I'll be sure to take them out before I get in bed.
Ella: Mommy, do you have your jammies on, or are you still in your play clothes?
Me: Wait a minute, why are you worrying so much about me? Who's the mommy and who's the little girl here?
Ella: You're the mommy. I'm the little girl, Ella Grace, but I'm in charge!
haha! Yes, unfortunately, she's mostly right!

And a quick prayer request- our sweet, little niece, Laila, is having surgery on her kidneys today. Please say an extra prayer for her that everything will go as planned. She's such a precious, little part of our family. April (finally!) started a blog- you can check out some cute pics of Laila at Happy Thursday to you all!

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