Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday morning donuts

Some of my favorite memories of growing up are of Saturday mornings with my family. We had a big pancake breakfast every weekend, and once dishes were cleaned up, my dad, brothers, and I wrestled. Ha! Funny, I know, but those were the days when wrestling was the only thing that was on once cartoons went off. It was a tradition. We have a tradition at our house on Saturday mornings, too- donuts!! Every Friday night as I'm leaving for work, Ella reminds me, "Mommy, don't forget to stop and get donuts in the morning!" And again, if I have time to call and say good night, she tells me, "Mommy, make sure you get me a chocolate donut in the morning!" Sure, it's not the healthiest habit, but I don't think once a week hurts anything. Plus, it gives her something to look forward to, which I think makes my leaving Friday night a little easier.
She always meets me at the door and can't wait to get her hands on that donut!!
YUM! haha- I love this!
Cade is starting to get a few bites, too...
Yep, pretty sure he likes it. :)
It's a great way to start the weekend, right, Ella?!

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