Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick change of heart

Ella: Daddy, I really, really want a doggie. Can I have a doggie?
Daddy: Having a dog is a lot of work. Someone would have to take care of it every, single day. Who would take care of it?
Ella: I would. I would take care of it.
Daddy: Dogs have to be fed every single day. Who would do that?
Ella: Me! I would feed it.
Daddy: Dogs have to go outside for walks. Who would take it for walks?
Ella: Me! I would do that.
Daddy: And when the dog goes poo-poo, someone has to clean it up. Who would do that?
Ella: Ewww, not me! I'm not gonna' do that!
Daddy: Well, someone would have to do that.
Ella: Oh... then can I have a cat?