Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun around the house

Because I'm not one that enjoys running around town all day, we spend as many days as possible creating fun around the house. After we saw how much fun these kids had with a plain, old box, Chris brought a few more home and made a huge box house. It has given these kids hours of play. It even has a picture window!
Hello, Cade!
We make more than our fair share of messes around here, so it's a good thing these sweet, little people LOVE to help Momma clean!! I get a kick out of this photo, too, because Cade's lost his shorts and a sock, and he couldn't care less. Nothing's going to stop him from being in the middle of the action!
And this was a fun evening- a bunch of little ducklings came waddling up into the yard looking for food... Boy, did they have another thing coming!
They had no idea the terror they would find! haha!! Chris and I laughed and laughed- it was definitely some good evening entertainment!!

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JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

That last picture is TOO much! Those poor little ducks. Looks like Cade and Ella made them think twice about coming in your yard again!!! Love it!