Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Nope, that would be Ella's new shoes. I gave in and did what I said I would never do. I bought the girl some light-up shoes. She spotted them and it was over. She had eyes for nothing else, and so a million squeals and wows and please mommy!'s later, they were hers. There was only one pair her size and they were on clearance and she was so very excited, so I kind of felt like God was telling me to let my sparkly, little girl just be a sparkly, little girl. Either that or she just played her momma like a fiddle.


The Utley Crew said...

Yes, I gave in and got a Princess backpack this year...the things we do for these little divas! ha!

The Utley Crew said...

and, by the way, I love the, 'Ella what's on your feet!' And, she responds with...SHOES! hahaha!