Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our week

It has been a GREAT week around here! It's been busy, but we have had so much fun family time. Mom and Dad were here at the beginning of the week. They surprised Ella by bringing Lexi with them. She was just too excited to have her big buddy around for a few days. Chris decided at the last minute to take a couple vacation days in the middle of the week and that has been wonderful. He works too hard anyways, so it was definitely time he had a little break. We have been playing, swimming, shopping, all kinds of fun stuff. Chris and I have had a little time to breathe together, too, and even managed to watch a late night movie- even though it ended up being pretty much the worst movie ever. haha! Anyways, everyone's feeling happy, refreshed, and a little spoiled- it's been a good few days around the Davidson household.

Fun with sparklers. At first, Ella wasn't so sure what was so fun about them. =)
Lexi wasn't afraid to jump right in...
Ella finally came around and just loved it! She asked, "Mommy, can we play with these every night?"
Cade enjoyed the light show while snuggling with Pappaw. Here's a cute one of Pap and his little sweeties...
And what's a perfect finishing touch to a fun night? You guessed it! Ice cream!!

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The McAfee's said...

yeah!! looks like you've been having such a fun time!! :)