Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy birthday, Grammy!

We celebrated Grammy's birthday with her last night. Ella picked where we went to eat and where do you think she chose? You guessed it- Rancho! Is there any other restaurant out there? haha! No complaints from any of us! Explaining Grammy's birthday card to her. She worked awfully hard on that thing!
Me and my momma. God sure blessed me with a good one. =)
Happy birthday to you!
Such fun!! Cade claps his hands and sings, "Ah-doo" (to you). It's precious!
Everybody make a wish!
No way was Cade going to miss out on cake and ice cream! You think his daddy gave him enough?!! haha!
And in his own words, "Mmmmmmmmm". =)
Happy birthday, Grammy! We love you soooo much!!


The Cantlons said...

Your mom gets prettier every time I see her. . . what a beautiful woman. You are right. God did bless you with a good mom. :)

Chris and Melissa said...

thanks, jessie!! what a sweet thing to say. you're right, she is beautiful! =)