Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas morning

Ho ho ho! Santa came to see us!
My two favorite gifts under the tree...
"Look, Mommy! Santa left some cookie on his plate! Don't worry, I'll get it!" haha!
First up, stockings!
Enjoying some candy...
Cade wondering if maybe he has some candy in his...
Yes! A candy cane!
Ella couldn't wait to give Chris the gift she picked out for him- Oreos! haha! Everytime I had asked her what she wanted to give Daddy on Christmas morning, she always said, "I think he would love cookies!" And he did!
Ella's turn- a new pink camera!!! Yea!!
Cool! Mrs. Potato Head!
New bottles for her babies (notice Cade's little head in the corner of this pic)...
The second Sis turned away, he grabbed that thing!
Ella couldn't wait to give Cade the gift from her- new Nerf balls!
Legos and a Dora game for her bike! How in the world did Santa know she wanted those?!
Didn't take Cade very long to get the hang of it!
Loving on his new singing puppy...
"Here, Daddy, I'll help!"
Yea! Daddy (and Ella) got a new Wii!
A fun new fish game...
Don't look now- Cade's got the baby bottle again!
Aww! Ella ran to give Cade a thank-you hug for her new movie!Chris and I were totally spoiled, too. Daddy and the kids gave me lots of awesome stuff, including new Nikes and a gift certificate for a massage! I am so excited! Chris got the Wii, work-out gear, and a few other surprises. Our matching Under Armour jackets...
Cade received just a few gifts from Santa, and that was pretty much the perfect amount. Ella got plenty of fun things, and has already played with every single one of her gifts so many times! We're pretty excited about the things Santa picked out for her. What a fun and special morning with our new baby and family of four!! God has blessed us over and over in so, so many ways.
I have a ton of pics to post, mostly from our time home, celebrating the holiday with our family. Hope to get to that soon! Have a wonderful day, Everyone!

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