Thursday, December 31, 2009

Santa visits Mom and Dad's

We all spent Sunday night at Mom and Dad's, so we could wake up Monday and have Christmas morning together. December 25th is just a date, right? It's not Christmas until we're all together! The kids went to bed believing that Santa had agreed to make a special trip to Grammy and Pappaw's, since that was the first night we could all be there.
Lexi filled Cade in on how this all works...
"The children were nestled, all snug in their beds,
while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads..." "And I in my 'kerchief, and Ma in her cap,
had just settled down for a wild game of Taboo..." Wait, that's not how it goes!
But that's what we did! And laughed our tails off doing it!
My favorite part of Christmas morning- stockings!!
Carson got the perfect gift! Seriously, he wouldn't put that thing down all day!
I graciously "volunteered" to hold my sweet niece while Chad and April opened gifts. :)
These are my absolute favorite pictures!! Look at them with their matching hats! Could they be any cuter?!
"Hey, I like yours better!" haha!
Ella's new art set! Thanks, Lexi!
And her gift from "the pup"
Cade got his first tractor from Pappaw...
And Pappaw got a perfect gift- a book all about weapons! haha!
Loving on Daddy... Getting some sugar from Momma...
Mrs. Grinch...
Me and my bros, still so excited on Christmas...
Another great gift- does it ever end?!
Cade and Pappaw all tuckered out...
Thanks, Mom and Dad! It was a perfect Christmas!

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