Friday, December 18, 2009

Gifts from the boss...

Chris' boss, Danny, brought over Christmas presents for the kids today. He and his family have always been so good to our kids- they offer to babysit all the time and even kept Ella for us when I went into labor with Cade! Ella loves all over him, always running to hug him and sit on his lap. The presents were perfect timing, too- Ella had been begging me all morning to open one of the gifts under the tree, so these satisfied that little itch (for the time being anyways!).
Five Hello Kitty dolls!!
Another new puzzle!
Busy gears for Cade! I'm excited about this gift- he plays with these at physical therapy and loves them.
He knew exactly what it was and started bouncing and grinning...
Thanks, Danny and Shari! They're perfect!

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