Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

We spent Labor Day at home, trying to not labor as much as humanly possible. What a rare day it is when Chris and I are both home and there is nothing pressing to do. We enjoyed it so much! The day started with our big girl waking up to some gorgeous flowers in honor of her starting preschool this week.
After some delicious apple pancakes, we drank coffee, read the newspaper, and tried to decide what to do with our day. Even Cade got in on the planning. =)
We goofed off around the house for a while...
(Insert here a quick, unexpected trip to the ER because Ella's heart had been racing all morning and it just made me too nervous. The doctors switched her asthma medication and she's as good as new.)
And had a yummy late lunch at Bravo...
Then we stopped at the park to spend some time enjoying the sunshine...

This little guy makes us laugh all day long! He is so determined! Just look at that face!
It was a great day filled with family time, smiles all around, hugs, & kisses- the things I love most!!

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