Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preschool update

Ella is having sooo much fun at preschool! She comes out of there and just talks and talks and wants to tell me all about it. I love to hear about the day, especially from her point of view. There are two things she always mentions- how much fun she had on the playground and what she had for a snack. There are also two things her teacher always mentions to me- how good and helpful Ella was and how much hand sanitizer she uses. haha! Apparently, the teacher usually leaves the sanitizer down where the kids can reach and use it, but since Ella has started, she has had to keep it on a high shelf. Otherwise, Ella wants to do nothing but clean her hands and make sure the other kids are doing the same. Why does this not surprise me? =)
Today, her first words when she saw me were, "Hey, Mom, wait till you see my feet!" She couldn't wait to get home, rip off her socks and shoes, and show me this- She had painted her feet pink for a project and thought it was so funny. I'm so glad school is making her so happy and I'm just so proud of how well she's adjusting to the whole routine. Another thing's for sure, too- school is wearing her out!! This was her an hour after we got home today- completely wiped out!!
Just one reason I'm not excited about the prospect of all day kindergarten next year. =(
Anyways, I also want to say a little bit about Cade. He has turned into a completely different little boy since Ella started preschool. He and I are getting some precious one-on-one time. I had never before realized how little of that the two of us have had thus far in his life. Until now, it has always been me and both kiddos running around and doing everything together. I just didn't realize what Cade was missing out on. Me, too, for that matter. We've only had these few days together so far, and he is becoming such a big boy. His vocabulary has increased probably ten-fold in the last week. Chris and I just can't believe it. He points out so many things to me, calling them by name, and he tries to repeat everything I say. It always amuses me that he may not say a word the whole way to preschool (because someone else is usually dominating the conversation!!), and then as soon as Ella is inside and he and I are back in the truck, he doesn't stop talking until we pick her up. He's such a smart, little boy and has the sweetest personality, but that's not to say he doesn't have some spunk like his sister- I'm noticing he definitely likes to make up his own mind! He so enjoys being goofy and we spend a lot of time making each other laugh. I am just treasuring this special time I'm getting to learn all about him.

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davisclan said...

I LOVE this post!! That picture of Ella is priceless, crashed out on the couch. What a sweetie! I'm also looking forward to one on one time with Logan next year once Leah's in Kindergarten. I'm sure I'll learn a whole new side of him too. What sweet blessings you have! Thanks for such a happy post. It made me smile!