Wednesday, September 22, 2010

While Daddy's away...

...the kids will play!!
Chris was out of town for work last night, and, though I missed him desperately (especially once it got dark- I hate that!!), the kiddos kept me great company. There were plenty of popsicles and dancing and laughing and splashing in the tub- just a regular ole' party! These two are such terrific entertainment. They'll be happy and holding hands one minute, then crying and screaming at each other the next, then tickling each other and giggling again before you know it. I get such a kick out of watching them together.

Cade talking to Daddy on the phone. His phone conversations are just precious. They typically sound something like this- "Hey!", "Dood (good)", "Moe (no)", lots of gibberish and laughter here, "Da-doo (love you or thank you)", "Bye!". My doll baby. =)
His new fake smile. Cade, say cheese!! haha!
Dance party to DWTS. They are such a hoot!!
There were even some lifts thrown in there, but I didn't get them on camera- I was busy trying to not have a heart attack every time Ella tried to throw Cade over her shoulder. Pretty sure the conversation was something like this at this point- "No, Cade, do it this way. Watch me. I'm really good at this. You need to watch and I'll show you how you're supposed to dance." Yep, trouble. haha!

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