Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A normal weekend

Ahhhh, a "normal" weekend. I could definitely get used to that! Because I'm "weekend-option" at work, I get so few complete weekends off in a year's time. To have an actual Saturday, when I don't have to try to catch up on sleep from working Friday night, and two whole days to spend as we choose is just completely luxurious in my book!! Chris was also supposed to be working and attending activities for work both Saturday and Sunday, but his boss (thankfully!) told him to take it off. I had put in for vacation for Friday way back in the year, and though we had originally planned to spend the weekend traveling somewhere, it was so nice to hang out at home, fully rested, and not have much going on. I just can't even say enough how nice it was!! I'm pretty sure we could conquer the world if we had an actual weekend together every week!!
We spent a good portion of the day Saturday taking care of things around here, working in the yard, washing the truck, and just hanging out. Later that afternoon, we took the kids to the Liberty Township fall festival. There were bounce houses and games and carriage rides and food- the kids loved it and we had a blast! We headed home to naps and more hanging out and working around the house. Sunday was much of the same. It was a great, great weekend!! I cannot wait for another like it! Maybe mid-March??! =)

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