Monday, May 2, 2011

2 year check-up

Cade had his two year check-up this morning. The doctor confirmed what we already knew- he's developmentally right on track, very physically active (she couldn't get over all the bruises on his legs), and "pretty much the cutest, little thing ever." =)

Height- 35 1/2 inches (71%)
Weight- 25 1/2 lbs (17%)

At our last visit in March, he had a lot of fluid in his ears, and it's still there. That plus the fact that his tonsils and nasal passages are swollen makes the doctor think that he's "just an allergic kid". She knows Ella is the same way and it runs in the family (Hello! Do you know my husband?? =). He's going to be on a couple allergy medications for the next month and hopefully that will take care of it (and maybe help him sleep better, too!). Anyways, it was a good visit. I'm so thankful for these healthy babies!

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