Friday, May 13, 2011

A good Friday

It's been a good Friday! I took a vacation day today, so we could spend the weekend together and celebrate Ella's birthday. The fun started this morning. The kids and I woke up and went to Ihop for breakfast. Ella's been asking to go all week. They both ate like champs and Ella told me thank you probably twenty times. =) We stopped by Lowes on the way home, so they could pick out some flowers to plant all on their own. Ella chose a pink geranium and Cade chose red. After they potted them, we played outside with the water table until their clothes were soaked and their cheeks were rosey. They both fell asleep soon after lunch. What a great day so far! I love knowing that it's Friday, that Chris will be home in a couple hours, and that the rest of the day is wide open!!

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