Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bye, bye, fish!

Well, I'm sad to report that Ella's fish haven't fared so well. We have gone from 11-12 fish to ZERO, in a matter of just a few days. The last of them died over the weekend. Here she is flushing a couple more (but please don't ask her to put her sucker down!)... Bye, bye, fish! They flushed the last two while I was at work one night. I could tell by the sag of her shoulders and the tilt of her head in this picture that she was a little more sad here. We're not exactly sure what happened or what we did wrong. We knew the tiny fish were not that hardy, but the big goldfish should have been. We're thinking they must not have been that healthy to begin with. Hmmm. We've promised her more, so hopefully they will last a little longer!

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Dawna said...

We just got a fish tank this past Christmas. It takes a little while to get the filter where it needs to be. We went to an aquarium shop and he told us what we needed to do to get the nitrates and nitrites where they need to be so the fish will survive. It's the fish that get things where they need to be. Good luck!