Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ella's tea party

Instead of having a big birthday party this year, Ella decided she wanted to have a little tea party with a few of her little girlfriends. We planned it for Tuesday morning. I loved planning it, too, with the sparkles and flowers and girliness of it all. When the storms came through Monday night and knocked out our power, we contemplated postponing it, but since we had made all the food the night before and the weather was cool enough to open the windows and be comfortable, we decided the show must go on! And lucky for me, my parents were in town to help look after the kiddos and help keep my mind together. =) Bless my sweet mom's heart, too, for holding the flashlight as I was standing on a chair, hanging streamers at midnight! ha! The table looked so pretty (can you tell we LOVE pink and green around here?!)! The excited party hostess and her pretty table... And then, just minutes before the party started, our power came back on!! Yay! The girls put on their tiaras and jewelry and sat at the make-up table to get all dolled up before having tea. Aren't they a precious bunch? Very pretty, Ella! I love the purple eyeshadow smeared on her cheeks! Four pretty princesses Ella was excited to serve everyone tea (pink lemonade)... She was so very careful with the teapot and tea cups. The teacups belonged to her Great-Grandma Pauline. They were well-used then and it was pretty special to get to use them for this.Having tea... It was so fun watching these little gals try to be so dainty. After tea, it was time for a dance party! Ella and Mia were cutting a rug! Ella got to open gifts from each of her friends. Kylie gave her a "big girl doll". She doesn't have anything like it and thought it was so neat. Thanks, Kylie! Mia gave her some art supplies and Littlest Pet Shop toys. Thanks, Mia! Julia gave her more art supplies. We can never have too many markers and finger paints around here! Thanks, Julia! More running around and having fun!Then a break for more lemonade... Mia and Kylie enjoyed some more cupcakes. And Ella enjoyed some more make-up. Just beautiful, Sis! What a super fun day!! I think all the girls had a great time and Ella told me after her friends left, "Mom, that was the most awesome tea party ever!" Special thanks to Pap, too, for keeping an eye on Cade during the party. Cade just didn't understand why he couldn't be in the middle of things and put on make-up, too! And Happy 61st Birthday, Dad! Thanks for being such a good sport about having to spend part of your birthday celebration in the basement under a tornado warning! Your "Cincinnati kids" sure love you!


JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

That has got to be the sweetest birthday party I've ever seen! Looks like Miss Ella had a wonderful time. Those pictures will surface many times as she grows up I'm sure...middle school sleepovers, graduation, wedding! Oh my, I better stop fast forwarding right now!

Jill said...

What a sweey b-day party! Happy Birthday, Ella! :)

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

How adorable!!! :) Happy Birthday Ella!