Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Ella!

Our little gal is five years old! Where in the world does the time go?? For some reason, this birthday is hitting me so hard! Could someone please turn off the waterworks already?! Five years old just seems like such a big kid to me, or as Ella says, "I'm a big school girl now!" She is growing up so fast and has been such an overall good, respectful kid these last few months. She asked us a few times over the weekend about the differences between four and five year olds. We told her five year olds are even more helpful and kind than four year olds, that they are well-mannered, never argue with their parents, etc. Since she woke up Monday morning, she is really taking being five to heart and every time we commend her behavior, she says, "Well, I am five now." =) She is just a precious, little lady, and I am so proud of her sweet and thoughtful spirit. I had baked her birthday cake the night before and she helped me mix up the icing colors Monday morning. She decided on pink, purple, and yellow- did you think they would be anything else? =) Then she helped me ice and sprinkle the cupcake cones for her birthday at preschool on Tuesday. I thought they turned out so stinkin' cute! She and Cade both enjoyed the fruits of her labor... Yum! We spent the day Monday just playing and hanging out. Daddy came home early, and Ella and I were able to take a "girls' walk" around the neighborhood. She rode her new bike and we talked about all kinds of things. I treasured getting to spend that special one-on-one time with my girl on her birthday. Ella was quite the popular girl Monday, too. She received one Happy Birthday phone call after the other. Per Ella's request, we had spaghetti, rolls, and creamed corn for dinner. Then it was finally time for presents!! Cade was so excited to show her the kitty-cat birthday card he picked out for her. And she loved the Littlest Pet Shop toys he picked out, too! She's been talking about getting a new pink and purple swimsuit forever, so she was more than thrilled with this! A new Princess nightgown... She has informed us that she only wants to wear skirts, no shorts, this summer, so she was very happy with a new skirt outfit. We wanted to give her a special keepsake for her fifth birthday. I always wanted a musical jewelry box when I was younger and we knew it would be the perfect gift for her. Her excited giggles were priceless when she opened the top and saw the ballerina spinning. She loved it! Time for birthday cake! How old are you, Ella?! Cade thinks he's five, too! A picture with Daddy And with Mommy Make a wish, Ella! Take two (or three or four)... Digging in to cake and ice cream. I'm thinking she enjoyed it! Happy 5th birthday, Ella Grace! Our wish is that you will have many, many more happy birthdays and that you will always know how much you're treasured and loved. You have blessed our lives beyond measure and we love being your mommy and daddy!

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