Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of preschool

Ella's year of preschool ended last week with lots of fun activities. On Tuesday, there was an end-of-year ceremony. I absolutely love watching these things! They are so cute! First, her class sang a few songs. And then each child was presented with a diploma and special award. The awards were pretty fun. Ella's award was "Most Likely to Become a Cheerleader" (imagine that!) because "she always has a smile on her face and is so full of energy." Those are two great things! Way to go, Ella! Because her birthday had been the previous day, she received a big birthday sticker and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Pretty special! We took pictures with some of her favorite classmates. Here's Ella and Mia... Ella and Dillon... Ella and Brooke... Ella and Miss Kelli. She's been great this year and I know Ella will miss her next year! Ella brought home a book full of artwork she had made over the course of the year. There was something about these little feet that just got to me! She is growing so fast! Kindergarten, here we come! Here's the class singing to Ella. She was pretty stinkin' proud. =)

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