Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A big weekend

In honor of Ella turning five on Monday (!), we tried to make the weekend special and start the birthday celebrations early. Ella had a soccer game early on Saturday and we were happy she actually got to play it. Her soccer season has been a bit of a dud, with almost all of her games and practices being cancelled due to rain. She was ready to get out and play! Not sure whether or not it has something to do with her being a leftie, but she seems to have a hard time getting her footing right when she goes in to kick the ball. She did great on Saturday though, and even pulled away and took the ball almost all the way down the field at one point! We were so excited and she was so proud of herself. Way to go, Ella!!
Action shot...
Taking a break to refuel... Our little athlete. She was so cute getting dressed that morning. She's had to wear pants for every other game. She said, "Mom, I don't know about these shorts with these long socks. I think I'm looking pretty silly!" Cade was a big boy, sitting in his little chair and cheering on Big Sis. So glad Mamaw and Papaw got to be there for all the action. I think this is a super cute pic of these three! When we got home, Cade immediately jumped on his bike to take a spin... Ella got a little frustrated when she couldn't find her old bike in the garage, so it was a good thing Papaw and Mamaw had a brand-new bike in their trunk!! Surprise!! Thanks so much, Papaw and Mamaw! What a great birthday gift! "Look, Mom! It's bigger and I'm bigger, so it fits me perfectly!" =) Mamaw and Papaw offered to take us out to dinner Saturday night at any restaurant of Ella's choosing. Spoiled, I tell ya! The birthday girl with her sweet grandparents... Future boyfriends beware- this little gal has good taste! We ended up at Maggiano's. It was delicious! Ella even got free ice cream! Not sure about this scary birthday face though... Cade loved it, too! Thanks so much, Mark and Cheryl! A quick pic with Mamaw before church on Sunday... Then another treat after church- another meal at Ella's restaurant of choice-Steak 'n Shake (hey, kids eat free all weekend, so who were we to argue??). Loving on her favorite banana milkshake... Cuddle time on the floor ended up as naptime for both kiddos... We had hoped to make it to the zoo that afternoon, but the weather was not cooperating. We decided to go bowling instead. Ella did really great for her first time! She loved her "slickery" bowling shoes and Chris and I loved watching her try to get that ball down the lane. Cade got a little help from Daddy. He kept wanting to kick the ball instead of roll it. Ella enjoyed loading up on root beer. I had to post a pic of Cade's victory dance. Everytime he rolled the ball down the lane, he would pump his arms and do this little dance. It was awesome! We were cracking up! Ella had so much fun. As we were leaving the bowling alley, she told me, "This is the best day of my life, Mommy!" Aww! Melt my heart! Chris looked at me and said, "We did our job then." =) Thumbs up for a wonderful weekend!


The Cantlons said...

Those last two pictures are priceless!! I love them! You look fantastic! How much longer?

Chris and Melissa said...

Thanks, Jessi! I have about eight weeks left to start getting (and feeling) ready!