Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

A late Happy Mommy's Day to all you wonderful moms out there! I hope you had a good one. I am feeling more blessed than ever this year. I know you would all agree that bringing up little kiddos is no easy task. My patience and spirit are tested on pretty much a daily basis. However, what an honor I have been given. God is trusting me to raise these two (and soon three!) beautiful children up according to His purposes. I feel so very privileged and thankful for the opportunity.
Let's just suffice it to say this weekend was a rough one for me. Besides fighting a lingering sinus infection, I have been just plain old tired and, well, working all night doesn't do anything to help. Sunday morning couldn't come fast enough! When I walked in the door that morning, I was greeted by two excited, smiling faces, wrapped up tight in little arms, and smothered in sticky kisses. Thank you, God, for loving on and soothing me with these precious kiddos. There is no better Mother's Day gift I could have been given! Ella surprised me with a special hand-painted picture frame she made at school. In the corner, it says, "Mom, you're the best!" and has a cute picture of her in it. I love it! They also gave me a gorgeous, new bracelet and necklace set from Brighton! They spoil me too much! Later that day, this sweet lady came up and brought me a yummy Mother's Day dinner before I had to go back to work. She is such a great mom and grammy. I love you, Momma!! You are such a blessing to me!

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