Thursday, June 2, 2011

33 weeks

33 weeks already! We will be meeting our baby girl in no time! I have to call her my "baby girl", because Ella is constantly reminding me that once her sister is born, her sister will be my "baby girl" and Ella will become my "big girl". Glad we've got that straightened out. =) We are all getting so very excited. It's fun to talk about her with the kids and hear what they (Ella mostly) think she will look like or act like. Cade loves to poke at my belly button and "kiss the baby", but we're pretty sure he still doesn't really get it. Whenever anyone asks him where his baby sister is, he lifts up his own shirt and pats his tummy. It is the cutest thing! However, yesterday, I took both Ella and Cade with me to my OB appointment, and all Cade could talk about after hearing her heartbeat was his "baby isser" and "bum-bum-bum". He couldn't wait to tell Chris all about it. I think he was a bit disappointed, too, because as we were leaving the doctor's office, he kept saying, "Where baby isser? Baby come my house!" I think he thought we were bringing her home right then. I know these two are going to love this little girl so much! She has no idea of all the hugs and kisses she's in for! =) And after fighting a horrible sinus infection for almost five weeks, the doctor finally took pity on me yesterday and gave me an antibiotic. I was so thankful, I could have cried! I can't wait to be healthy and get back to feeling like myself again (I'm pretty sure my husband can't wait either!). This momma's got things to do! Summer is always so busy, and this one will be no exception. It's funny though, because people have been talking about/ inviting us to certain things over the summer, and we'll say, "Sure! That sounds great!" Then we'll look at each other and say, "Wait, isn't that the week the baby's due?" or "Wait, won't we have a two week old then?" I know we've had loads of time to prepare, but it still feels like it's going so fast! Both Ella and Cade came almost a week early. If that happens this time, too, we could be meeting our baby girl in just six short weeks!

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