Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial weekend- Sunday and Monday

On Sunday night, we went to Jason and Carla's for a family get-together/ birthday party for Dad and Ella (seems like this little gal's bday partying has gone on for weeks!). Ella always looks forward to playing with her cousins. She couldn't wait to get out there and play with the boys. She, Aidan, and Carson were a mischievous, little threesome... Had to include this one just because she's so darn cute (and such a big girl)!! Cade mostly hung with the smaller kiddos, but he was a hot and sticky (and muddy) mess, too! Us two pregnant mommas were just trying to stay cool- these little baby ovens were really turning up the heat! I'm 32 weeks here. April is 17 weeks. She and Chad just found out they're having a boy!! Yay! We are so excited to have another nephew! Happy birthday to Pap and Ella! Ella got $30! She's all excited to take Chris and I out to dinner. Not that we would let her, but I think it's super sweet that that's what she wants to do with her money. =) Gram and Pap gave her new roller skates! Boy, was she thrilled about those! She also got lots of candy, a new watch, moon dough, and another Snoopy shirt! Thanks for all the great gifts, Everyone! It was so great to see Lindsey and her new baby, Ava. I couldn't get over how tiny she was, or the fact that we will have one that tiny in just a few weeks! Little Owen enjoyed himself some birthday cake. haha! Such a cutie! Thanks, Uncle Jason (and Aunt Carla!), for a great time and for spoiling this little girl once again! On Monday, we hung out at Mom and Dad's and basically let the kids run wild. haha! It was so blasting hot, so they loved getting to play in the sprinkler. Everyone gathered around the koi pond, trying to spot a huge frog. Lexi finally caught it and all the kids passed it around. Cade thought he was big stuff hanging with the big boys. I love this one! I can remember so well when Jared was as small as Cade (tear!).Even though we were only away from home for three days, it kind of felt like a mini-vacation to us. It's times like these that make me wish sooo much that we all lived closer!

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The Utley Crew said...

Awww, Congrats to Chad and April! You both look GREAT! As always, I LOVE seeing all the pics of your family! So glad that everyone is doing well! Miss you all so much!