Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doctor visits

Ella had her five year old check-up this week and, I have to admit, I'm glad that's over! She knew in advance she was going to get booster shots, but all I can say is that whatever overcame my daughter in that doctor's office is something I've never seen before- kicking, punching, screaming- and like I said, I'm so glad it's over! Other than that drama, she is 46 lbs (75%) and 45 inches (90%)- woohoo! I'm crossing my fingers this little girl gets some of her daddy's height! Her asthma is well-controlled and she's off her daily medication for the summer. She is strong, healthy, bright, and growing!

Cade also saw the doctor for a recheck on the fluid in his ears. The hope had been that the allergy medication was going to dry it up, but his right ear is still full of fluid. So, based on the length of time it's been there, plus the fact that he failed his hearing screen in that ear on Tuesday, Dr. Schneider referred us to an ENT. It makes us feel bad knowing he's having to deal with it on a daily basis and is not always able to let us know how he feels, and now we don't know exactly how much he can hear out of that ear. He occasionally tells us his ear hurts, but for the most part, he is so good and doesn't complain. Anyways, we have an appointment to see the ENT next week and hopefully make a plan to get this straightened out!

And yesterday afternoon, the whole family piled into the truck and headed to our 35 week OB check. I can't even tell you how many times Cade said to me yesterday, "Go to doctor, bum-bum-bum, baby sisser!" He was so excited to hear that heartbeat again! When they dopplered my stomach and he heard it, his little grin stretched ear to ear. I just love that! I think it's finally making a little more sense to him. My blood pressure, weight gain, and measurements all looked great. We're pretty sure she is head down, but will know more when they do a pelvic next week. I can't believe it's already time to start going for weekly visits. The countdown is on!

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