Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family weekend

Chris, Ella, and Cade headed to southern Indiana over the weekend to see family for Father's Day, as well as to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Martin's birthdays. There was a party on the river Saturday night, and Ella told me, "Mom, the birthday party was SO fun! And there was a lot of just really, really good food." haha! I'm willing to bet she took only five bites all night, but I think it's cute she said that. She apparently was the designated dog walker for the evening, so you know she was in heaven! I sent the camera along and Chris even took two pictures! =) It looks like they are opening Ella and Cade's cards here- Ella worked long and hard on those! This is Sunday after church. I think it's so sweet!! I know my kids will cherish photos like this when they are older.Grandma and Grandpa Martin are so special to us and I'm glad Chris and the kids were able to go. They also got to spend some time with Chris' dad on Father's Day, as well as give my dad a hug for me. Happy Father's Day to both of you! We sure do love our Papaws!!

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