Monday, June 27, 2011

Good family weekend

We had a fun family weekend. We are so excited to become a family of five, but are also trying to treasure our remaining time as a family of four. We tried to spoil the kiddos a little extra this weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we went to see Cars 2. Ella thought it was "awesome!" and we were pleased that Cade managed to sit still through at least half of it! I'm sure the abundance of pop, popcorn, and candy didn't hurt! And because that wasn't enough sugar for one day, after the movie we decided to treat them to ice cream and quarter rides at The Cone. They are both so crazy about that place! On Sunday, we went to church, lunch, did some shopping. We had some friends over for dinner Sunday evening. Luckily, it quit raining Sunday evening, so the kids finally got to get out and run wild for a bit before dinner. The only picture I took the whole weekend was of Ella, Cade, and their buddy, Kylie, after dinner last night. Love that grin on Cade's face! What a great couple of days! I am hoping for more like them when I am off on maternity leave in a few weeks!

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