Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy summer days

... Gotta love 'em! The weather has been so beautiful the last couple of days! We have been outside as much as possible, trying to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the big, blue sky. Ella and Cade are loving it! One happy, sunkissed girl here... And check out my handsome pool boy. I just cannot get enough of his cuteness! Letting the imagination run free! (By the way, do his parents feed him anything?! Look at those ribs!) Ella has been busy working on her cartwheels... And hula hooping (or "hoopa looping" as she says =) Cade has spent lots of time playing ball... And checking out the bugs... And in a moment of generosity, Ella even gave him a turn on the hoopa loop! However, he decided it was more fun to take off with it while Big Sis went crazy fussing at him! haha! I wish you could have heard his cackles as he ran away from her! What a rascal! Hope you're having lots of fun, sunny days, too! Much love!

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