Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kings Island

We decided to head over to Kings Island Saturday afternoon for a little family fun. Ella has been asking every week when we were going to go, so when we pulled off the exit and she realized where we were, she was more than a little excited! She and Daddy were practically running to the entrance and she couldn't talk fast enough about all the things she was going to do! =) Family picture in front of the fountains We headed straight to Planet Snoopy, of course! First up, "the little carousel". This little boy and his thumb crack me up! Racing along in "the hilly cars" (I love the names Ella has come up with for all these rides). Ella's all-time favorite ride is "the blue roller coaster", aka Woodstock Express. She and Chris took off to ride that while Cade and I went in search of a few rides for him.
Self-portrait on the Snoopy trains On the Beetle Bugs- look at these faces! They squealed and laughed so loud every, single time they turned the corner. It was so fun watching them! Strolling hand-in-hand. Love it! Sally's Sea Plane was next. Check out Ella hanging out the window! haha! I cracked up, too, when we went to this ride. Pregnant women are prohibited from riding anything other than thrill level 1- this is thrill level 2. Looks pretty fast and crazy, huh? haha! On the big train. Love that grin! And this one, too! My two favorite boys Another picture with her beloved Snoopy Ella had it stuck in her mind that she wanted a Snoopy bracelet "really, really bad". We stopped by a little boutique and look what we found- a Snoopy bracelet with her name on it! Usually when we come to places like this, I'm the one leading the way and waiting on others to catch up. Well, not this time! As pitiful as it sounds, I was so glad we decided to go over in the afternoon and not try to spend the whole day. Cade was happy to help out and take over the stroller for this big ol' pregnant momma! We took one last spin on the Grand Carousel before settling down to watch the fireworks. I always like seeing the fountains all lit up at night. What a great day together! Chris and I always laugh about how times have changed. If someone had told us ten years ago that we would go to Kings Island and not ride a single roller coaster, we would have said they were crazy. Of course, Chris would have jumped on Diamondback in a heartbeat if we had the chance, but it really doesn't matter. We love making memories together and watching these kiddos have so much fun!

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danraymac said...

that is funny about not riding a roller coaster. i remember going and waiting in line for hours for the beast and vortex with chris. fun times. looks like you all had a good time.